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Challenge Awaits: Puzzle 6.12

Your Solution

White to play and mate in 2

n2N3B/1BPp1n2/1PRP3p/1QPk3K/4N1P1/1P2P2R/8/1br5 w - - 0 1

The solution to Puzzle #6.11 is: 1.Qg7 (Antonin Beck 1897). 

Each correct solution earns 1 point, with no deductions for incorrect attempts. We'll update you monthly on your point total. The correct solution will be announced alongside the upcoming puzzle. At the year's end, prizes in chess merchandize from American Chess Magazine and Partners will be awarded to winners; the number of winners and other specifics will be announced later. 

American Chess Magazine #38

GM Levon Aronian on the cover of ACM #38

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